Man Saves His Home With Aqua Dam After Everyone Called Him Crazy

Everyone thought he was crazy, up until the rain started falling. Texan Robert Wagner's story is a lot like Noah's! After driving from Texas to Louisiana and spending $8300, Wagner managed to conserve his house from an awful

Possibly The Most Powerful Speech By Vladimir Putin Of All Time

The United States is fast falling out of favor internationally. This week witnessed a declaration of war against the West by North Korea as the Korean War heats up to a boiling point for the first time since the 1950's

You Are Eating Poison! Here's How To Identify GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps

Experts around the world agree that we should eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. However, the market is flooded with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) fruits and vegetables, despite the fact that many different

30 Forbidden North Korea Photos Kim Jong-un Doesn't Want You To See

A daring photographer risked detention to smuggle a series of stunning images out of secretive North Korea.

Korea (left) contrasts China (right).

Last year, photographer Michael Huniewicz traveled to "North

He Entered The World At 11 Weeks. What His Mother Then Posted Will Make You Think

Tiffany Burns, mother of two, suffered a miscarriage. Six months after her traumatic experience, she decided to share a photo on her Facebook page with the following words:

“This is my hand. Holding my sweet baby,

MRI Scan Catches Twin Babies Fighting In Their Mother's Womb

Babies seem to be already wired to interact socially with other humans soon after birth. In fact, research reveals that it's deep into human nature to reach out to other people, and that socialization is already apparent while

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