Hurricane Sandy manipulated by government weather technology, meteorologist says -->
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Hurricane Sandy manipulated by government weather technology, meteorologist says

Military technology is capable of producing and manipulating massive hurricanes just like the one now brewing off of the east coast, a meteorologist told radio host Alex Jones.

Weather control or geoengineering may sound like strange science, but it’s all very real. Scott Stevens, an award-winning meteorologist, says it’s being used to manipulate Hurricane Sandy.

He also said every square mile in the Northern Hemisphere has its weather managed by geoengineering. Geoengineering is being used to create atmospheric conditions that will steer the hurricane toward New Jersey and lock it into place over the east coast, Stevens told Jones during Sunday's broadcast.

Satellite photo of Hurricane Sandy - Credits NOAA - Hurricane Sandy manipulated by government weather technology meterologist says

“What we have seen here is intense engineering,” Stevens said. “And what they are doing is digging this trough out west, to fold Sandy back in along the coast. Earlier in the weekend…it was going to be a New York City landfall, maybe Bridgeport, Conn. Now it’s southern Jersey.”

Already, that prediction came true. CBS News reported that the storm had turned and taken aim at New Jersey. Stevens predicted rain and flooding will cause the greatest storm damage.

“Once she is boxed in, and she’ll rain and she’ll rain and she’ll rain,” said Stevens. “Rain and water is going to be the problem.”

“Monumental” water damage will hit New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and northern Virginia and into New York State, he said. Weight from the water will cause trees to topple, tearing down power lines and causing outages that could last for up to two weeks.

When the storm is over, the repair work begins. That will serve as a way to “soak” the economy. Instead of announcing spending for an economic stimulus, Congress will be paying for repairs and mopping up after the storm.

“It’s all about the rebuilding,” said Stevens. “It’s all about spending the money afterwards.”

Announcements of emergency declarations for Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were already rolling in via news alerts from the Department of Homeland Security. The declarations allow states to tap into federal funding to clean up after the storm. Weather weapons are just one more tool for the globalists to use against us, said Jones.

“They’re using weather weapons to create extreme weather to then sell this global government that you pay carbon taxes to, to save you from it. They even brag about that.”

Weather control has been going on for a long time, at least since the 1960s, said Stevens.

“You can literally pull up – no exaggeration - thousands of articles admitting all of the other governments that are controlling their weather,” Jones said. “And then they say, ‘Oh, but we’re not doing it.’ But they (the U.S. government) admit they’ve got programs, it’s just secret.”

Here are just two mainstream media headlines on geoengineering the climate:
Should we geoengineer earth’s climate?
B.C. geoengineering experiment attracts worldwide attention at United Nations

“I wish this stuff wasn’t true,” said Jones. “But if you research it, sometimes it’s not as bad as we think. But most of the time, it’s worse than we think.”

Scott Stevens (, an award-winning meteorologist, has worked for many years as a television weatherman for KPVI News Channel 6 in Pocatello, Idaho. About 10 years ago, he began investigating the weather modification work conducted by Ret. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, a nuclear engineer who maintains the weather is constantly being manipulated. Stevens has also worked in television in Topeka, Ks., Omaha Neb., Tulsa Okla. Albany, NY and Pocatello, Idaho.

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