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Drive Coast to Coast Free of Fuel Costs in the Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors, an alternative-energy automotive innovator, has become the first electric car company to connect a route of Supercharger charging stations making it possible to travel all the way from the east to the west coast of the United States entirely depending on free charging stations designed for Tesla Model S, a completely electric sedan.

The announcement was discretely made by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors via Twitter on January 26th.

“According to Musk, some 80% of Americans are “covered” by the Supercharger network, and with the completion of the interior corridor, Model S drivers can now drive from one coast to the other and back, for free, using the fast-charging system. Of course the Tesla Supercharger network doesn’t stop there, as there are plans to install many dozens more free filling stations, until the entire country is covered.”Reports Christopher Demorro on

With this and other programs, Tesla is working towards dominance of the US automotive market. As this market expands it’s not unlikely that there could be competition from other automotive companies and expanded awareness of the availability of electric automobile options.

Even with just this first coast-to-coast network, Tesla is changing the game in providing a much more environment-friendly option for US drivers as well as removing the cost of fuel. It is a solid benchmark in the steadily growing movement towards more sustainable technologies available in our world.

John Glenney, a Lexington Kentucky citizen and owner of 4 Tesla Model S sedans, became the first person to drive cross country utilizing a network of Tesla Supercharger stations on a road trip with his daughter leaving from New York on January 20th and arriving in Los Angeles on the 26th. Out of the 71 active Supercharger stations in the country, Glenney says he used 28. The Tesla 1 has an 85 Kwh battery pack and an estimated range of 265 miles per charge.

Musk has expressed that the National network of Supercharger stations is a core part of Tesla’s business strategy, telling Wall Street analysts last year that “even if there’s a zombie apocalypse, you’ll still be able to travel the country on the Tesla Supercharger network.” Currently there are 12 charging stations in California alone and there will be at least 25 by 2015.

Drive Coast to Coast Free of Fuel Costs in the Tesla Model S
“The network should be firmly established by the time the Tesla Model E comes to market in 2017, and the proprietary charging technology will give Tesla a huge advantage over competitors whose cars rely on home or public charging stations. Buying a Tesla doesn’t just mean buying a cutting edge electric car; it means access to free fuel forever, or at least until Tesla changes its business plan,” writes Dana Hull of the Mercury News.

80% of Americans are already covered by the Tesla Supercharger Network with that percentage set to increase over the next several years. We could soon be finding ourselves in a market with the ever-increasing option to drive without the need for gas as fuel. This is exciting on a lot of levels, both for the personal pocketbook, and on the grander scale of our overburdened environment and dependence on fossil fuels.

Credits: Laura Weber is a staff writer for The Mind Unleashed a visual artist, and energetic healer living in New York City, New York. Somewhat of a modern renaissance woman, her art and healing work focuses in vibration, plant medicine, water alchemy, and awakening the creator consciousness in all people. To read other work by Laura visit Co-Creations.

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