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How to Heal your Eyesight Naturally

My eyesight has always been pretty good, but for a long time I did wear glasses. Several years ago I started practicing “healing my eyes” with some rather simple stuff that I was thinking about at the time. Relax your muscles around your eyes, close your eyes gently and look into the sun absorbing the light (also while relaxing the muscles), and carrying crystals that supposedly had a relationship to the quality of your eyesight.

When I first stumbled upon this video I got super excited about it! The results that I've had have been noticeable to me, although as it has not been my primary focus, the results have waxed and waned. I've felt that when I spent a week or two putting conscious effort into it – I would see at least small results, if not somewhat like “jumps” in the quality of my sight.

Upon watching the video, I found myself pleasantly surprised. This guy is a legitimate doctor, who has used a method from a “renegade optometrist” from about a hundred years ago who put together a solid formula for healing your eyes.

The best part about it is that what he's saying really resonates with me, and I think even though there's a lot more to it, it sounds a lot like what I've been practicing. For example, as I wrote earlier when I wake up in the morning I like to go outside and just close my eyes gently and stare into the sun.

It not only helps my eyes wake up, but my whole mind wakes up! Not to mention, my eyes lose their “morning grogginess” completely, and my eyesight seems to be really great, much better than had if I did not do it.

Likewise, the whole “don't squint” thing is another practice, and it totally makes sense! Like, if you're whole face is squinting and stressed out all of the time, then that's constricting the way your face and head receives energy – both with light through our eyes, energy in our 3rd eyes, or smells through our noses.

And if there's no more strain, then your brain, eyes, and facial muscles can all function with ease and clarity. Energy can flow smoothly, and it only makes sense that your eyes will naturally improve as well.

For all of us with glasses, let's give these tips a practice and see how we do!

If you'd like to learn more about the Bates Method for better eyesight without glasses, check out the book.


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