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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Newly Released FBI Files Report That Hitler Survived, Fled To South America

Newly-declassified FBI documents reveal a bizarre story that the FBI was informed that Adolf Hitler survived the Allied attacks on Germany, and fled to South America. According to the FBI documents, the Nazi leader was, at that time – in August of 1945 – living in the Andes Mountains well after the world thought him to be dead.

No body recovered after Hitler's assumed suicide was ever proven to have belonged to Hitler. The Soviets had believed they had found his remains, but later DNA tests proved they had the wrong body.

The Guardian said back in 2009, after the Russian skull fragment had been debunked, that “in the wake of new revelations, the histories of Hitler's death may need to be rewritten – and left open-ended.”

The informant wrote, in a letter to the FBI, that Hitler was in Argentina, and had come along with his mistress Eva Braun. The informant alleged that the Argentinian government knew and helped hide the former dictator. The informant then gave the FBI details on what villages Hitler and four others were staying at.

The FBI never named this informant. As you can see in the documents, they are blacked-out completely from the released versions of the documents. Strangely, however, the FBI never reports following-up on the leads, nor investigating the information. It is curious then that they would still, to this day, conceal the identity of the informant.

But this wasn't the only tip the FBI received. Back in 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires told the United States that Hitler had in fact arrived in Argentina.

If this is true, it would seem that joined Adolf Eichmann in relocating to South America. If it is not true, it is certainly interesting that the identity of the informant is still concealed by the FBI.

Read the documents below and decide for yourself.

Hitler fled to Argentina and all of the details are available on the FBI's own website:


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