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25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures & Statues From Around The World

Every city that you visit has its own unique sculptures and statues, but some really make you look twice—and then some. The most unique and amazing sculptures known to capture the eyes of all who pass can be found tucked along secret streets and broadcasted in popular city squares.

There are many sculptures and statues (both new and old) currently provoking conversation and intrigue. Join the fun looking through these photos of the top 25 most incredible statues and sculptures found throughout the world.

1. Expansion, New York, USA

As light creeps out of the cracks of this statue's body, a world of messages are portrayed by artist Paige Bradley. All of the pieces are cast in bronze and made to float separately from one another.

2. Salmon Sculpture, Portland, Oregon, USA

Look for the Salmon on Salmon Street! This funky fish statue is ranked #32 out of 676 Portland attractions—making this fish with terrible aim one popular gilled dude!

3.The Shoes On The Danube Bank, Budapest, Hungary

This memorial in Budapest created by Can Togay & Gyula Pauer memorializes the Jews killed by the fascist Arrow Cross during World War II. The shoes symbolize the victims who were forced to take off their shoes before being shot at the water's edge.

4. The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby, Wroclaw, Poland

This statue signifies all of the souls lost, imprisoned, or otherwise harmed by the oppressive Communist regime that existed in Poland for many years.

5. Break Through From Your Mold, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

When Zenos Frudakis created this statue he strived to depict an image that all of mankind could relate to. After all, we are all struggling to break free from the molds that bind us.

6. Black Ghost, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Don't be alarmed by the menacing statue emerging from the water. Instead see this ghostly creation as a symbolic treasure representing Klaipeda, the oldest city in Lithuania.

7. Rundle Mall Pigs, Adelaide, Australia

Who let the pigs out? If you visit Rundle Mall in Australia you might be asking the same exact question when you see the sculptures of 4 bronze pigs running amok.

8. People Of The River, Singapore

Known as one of the most creative statues in the world, this sculpture literally looks as if children are jumping into the river. Chong Fah Cheong says of his work, “My involvement in creative work pursuits, in particular, sculpture, is a state of mind. It is a consciousness, an acute awareness of my existence, made up of limitless variables and possibilities.”

9. Cattle Drive, Dallas, Texas, USA

Located in Downtown Dallas this bronze cattle statue tells stories about the pioneer days. Featuring a gang of cattle being rounded up by longhorn steers and 3 horse-riding cowboys.

10. The Knotted Gun, Turtle Bay, New York, USA

You may interpret this bold statue advocating for Non-Violence in a number of ways. The knot at the end of the gun screams with symbolism that is very touching, especially today as gun laws are highly scrutinized.

11. Nelson Mandela, South Africa

Nelson Mandela is a well-known figure adored through the statues that exist of him. According to statements by the South African government the statues represent more than just a man, but the noblest man from history.

12. De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium

This Tom Frantzen sculpture is adored by the people of Belgium, it represents someone rising up from the sewers to offset the foot of a passing police officer. Uniquely portraying the struggles of power.

13. Les Voyageurs, Marseilles, France

French artist Bruno Catalano often features everyday working people that are missing entire chunks of their body.

14. Spider, Tate Modern, London, UK

Hope you don't have arachnophobia, because this statue by Louis Bourgeois is a whooping 9 meters high!

15. Sinking Building Outside State Library, Melbourne, Australia

Help! It appears the concrete in front of this State Library has turned to quick sand, swallowing another library in its path.

16. Iguana Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Iguana lover or not, you will get a kick out of all of the intricate Iguana statues found throughout this park in The Netherlands.

17. Man At Work, Bratislava, Slovakia

Coming out of a street manhole, this funny looking man was sculpted back in 1997. After several automobiles smashed into the durable statue, a sign was added as warning of his presence. It reads: “Man at Work.”

18. Mihai Eminescu, Onesti, Romania

At certain times of the day this statue looks like it has been painted up against the clouds.

19. Life-Size Statues Portray Scene From The World War, Eceabat, Turkey

War is not pretty but it must never be forgotten. This life-size scene helps solidify the horrors of war, memorializing all who died from related tragedies.

20. Hippo Sculptures, Taipei, Taiwan

Attack of the hippos! These hippo sculptures appear to be coming straight out of the ground. People come from near and far to take photos with the cute bronze hippos.

21. Man Hanging Out, Prague, Czech Republic

At first glance you might scream—“Someone help that man up there!” No need to panic, this statue is permanently hanging out above the streets, gripping tightly to what appears to be a protruding pipe.

22. Kelpies, Grangemouth, UK

These gorgeous horse heads take center stage, representing the wonderful world of equine history.

23. The Unknown Official, Reykjavik, Iceland

Of course this official remains unknown, a giant boulder covers his entire head and upper body!

24. The Shark, Oxford, UK

If houses were built out in the middle of the ocean, perhaps some high-flying sharks would actually crash into roofs here and there. Or, you could just move to Oxford, UK where local radio presenter, Bill Heine, has lived with a giant shark crashing into the top of his roof since 1986.


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