Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

If You Learned These Simple Tricks, You'd Never Be Bad At Math

Nowadays, math skills are on a steady decline because almost everyone has a calculator on their phone. But there was a time when we didn't all have calculators in our pockets, when math was actually something you had to learn.

See below a list of 9 simple tricks you can use to figure out complex math problems without a calculator. These tricks will definitely amaze or even shock your friends!

1. How to Multiply Large Numbers in Your Head

2. How to Figure Out Multiples of 9

3. Multiples Of 9 Work In Reverse Order

4. How To Add and Subtract Fractions

5. How to Multiply by 11

6. Figuring Percentages

7. How to Find Fractions of Whole Numbers

8. Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

9. And The Most Important Tip (!)


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