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How To Give Your Old Floor An Incredible Makeover

We've never seen a floor made out of this before. Across the nation, a very unique — and very beautiful — renovation technique is taking homes by storm. Although this special technique dates back thousands of years, more and more houses around the world have begun to bring it back into fashion.

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Called "cordwood construction," this technique uses debarked logs — either found naturally or cut from logged trees — that are stacked and mortared.

In this particular home, cordwood was used to give their yucky concrete floor a beautiful, all-natural makeover. They started by sweeping and mopping, then planning out the arrangement of their wooden discs.

The wood they used was legally gathered from their state forest. The trees — "Shaggy Bark Juniper" and "Alligator Bark Juniper" — had died and fallen naturally.

After running each piece through the chop saw (set at 1"), they sanded the discs down and glued them directly to the floor.

After setting each piece, they firmly tamped them to ensure they were on good and tight.

Soon, they entire floor was covered in the beautiful cordwood.

When it was time, they applied a light coat of polyurethane to the surface of the disks. They did this to prevent the grout from adhering to the tops.

Finally, after grouting the spaces and applying more coats of polyurethane, their stunning floor was complete. I love how warm and natural it looks, don't you? Would you like to have this in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

Cordwood Construction

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