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How To Heat Your Room Without Electricity For 10 Cents Per Day

Have you seen that cool terra-cotta idea that used a candle to heat a room with flower pots? Well, in case you didn't know, there is an epic, more detailed version that came out and went viral on Indigogo! It sold over 4 times the campaign's expectations at the start of 2015 and is being made in several beautiful colors. It also comes with a few bonus features that a flower pot may not come with.

If you have yet to see the original idea using flower pots, this video is absolutely amazing to watch and a cheap inexpensive way to do nearly the same thing…. just the latter of the two is a little prettier. Here is the video:

Take a look at a few of these photos from the company Egloo, who created this innovative modern design. Egloo disclaims that the best candle to use is Ikea's 100 pack of aluminum cased candles.

Once you light the candles up, Egloo needs 5 minutes to get to the right temperature. They will warm up in the first chamber storing heat (between 140° and 180° degrees). The warmth is then conveyed to the external covering (between 30° and 50° degrees). The air intake of the external dome facilitates the outgoing of the warm air stored between the covers, allowing thermal exchange with the room environment. After only 30 minutes the temperature of the environment surrounding the Egloo will be increased between 2° and 3° degrees. A perfect hand heater of sorts.

Though the heater is non-metallic, it has a grill to help with heat transfers. The terracotta material is perfect for this heating feature because the heat is stored fast but release slowly, just enough for the heat to be felt instead of move fast to the ceiling.

The first prototypes were built handcrafted, in order to assess the efficiency according to the shape and volume, and then be painted and glazed by hand.

It's advisable to use a maximum of 4 candles to avoid that concentrates a high level of temperature in the lower part. Lower quality candles may cause wax corrosion, there is a possible emission of harmful substances into the wax.

It is also advised to Keep away from children when Egloo is in operation: the temperature of the outer dome reaches temperatures between 30-50 C° which is 86-122 degrees F°. They recommend to handle the Egloo with care and remain from moving when in use.

Using Egloo is simple. It takes only the positioning of the four lit Ikea tea candles on the base and then insert the grill which the domes must be placed on top of. After only five minutes Egloo is ready and heating.

You can even use it to warm your coffee.

Warm your hands as well!

You can even make the room smell good with it's heating powers. Warming up orange peelings or other sent filled fruits or herbs.

You can even cook! wait… it's not that hot. Plus, I would rather grill some veggies if I could.

They come in many beautiful colors and now even a nice cracked yellow as seen a few images above. They are revolutionizing the heating game, taking out big heater one Egloo at a time, and if you can't afford one, you can always make your own terra cotta heater at home!


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