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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

She Was Diagnosed With Aggressive Cancer And Cures Herself With This Food

I often wonder why people troll sites that are not part of their brainwashed belief system. Not all of them are paid by Big Pharma or Monsanto. Those who blog aggressively against anything that is not part of their dogmatic view have too many “followers” who yip and yap like small dogs following the barks of their bigger alpha dog.

After all, their camp, in this case the cancer camp, is completely and constantly promoted by mainstream media as it focuses on personal stories of brave bald cancer fighters undergoing chemo or radiation therapies. They're cheered on, then often die from the treatments or their cancer returns in usually a few short years.

Do those of us who encourage natural non-toxic and less expensive solutions to cancer, of which there are many, invade media outlets and publications challenging the efficacy of the treatments being promoted by generating sympathy for those brave bald cancer fighters? Or worse yet, do any of us attack those brave bald cancer fighters as phonies if they claim to have “defeated cancer” with chemo or radiation?

Unfortunately, it happens a lot on the internet to those who share their stories of becoming cancer free from non-toxic interventions. Sometimes they're attacked viciously, as in Ad Hominem with maybe a little of “establishment science” thrown in to validate their debunking and confuse readers. This is what happened to Candice-Marie-Fox. Fortunately, she got a helping hand from another natural cure cancer survivor, Chris Wark. Chris has a prominent site, Chris Beat Cancer, which shares interviews of natural cancer survivors to help people decide and choose with less fear than what conventional oncology uses to force patients into toxic treatments.

He too has endured the slings and arrows of criticism from the conventional cures only trolls. Chris interviewed Candice to expose the media misquotes and trolling slurs she has endured while attempting to share her story. Chris explained that “the click-bait tabloid version of her story that went viral is not accurate.” She was misquoted and vilified. “Her story was oversimplified and some of the facts are just plain wrong. … So I thought I would give Candice-Marie the opportunity to tell you herself,” Chris explained.

Also From Chris to whomever demanded Candice-Marie Fox publicly post her medical records: “PS – Marie sent me copies of her medical records confirming her diagnosis, and that the cancer spread after [conventional] treatment, and that her Thyroglobulin is 0.1 as of 3/13/15.” (Emphasis added) The first interview is a short version, and the second one is long. You can watch the short version below, and the long version by clicking here.


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