Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

If You Ever See A Woman Wearing This Small Black Circle, Here's What It Means

Unfortunately, violence against women continues to be a serious threat in our society. An astounding statistic for “forcible sex offenses” at large universities was reported by the Boston Globe; between 2012 and 2013 sexual assaults had increased by 40%. However, the video you are about to watch below, offers some incredibly good news.

ROAR was founded by Yasmin Mustafa and Anthony Gold, whose goal was to empower women, so they could have the freedom to navigate the world without fear. Wearing this device as a necklace, instills the confidence that they are never alone.

Athena is worn like a pendant around the neck; 3 seconds of holding down the button on it sounds a loud alarm. At the same time, the emergency contacts receive text messages alerting them of the woman's location, and sends a 1-click call to 911.

This device is going a long way towards creating a society where women will no longer have to walk in fear. They recommend it for girls from middle school and up. Let us know your thoughts about this invention.


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