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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Here's Why You Should Never Touch This Fuzzy Creature

The furry looking creature you see in this video, that looks like a walking mini-toupee, is highly toxic. Its looks are deceiving and many people have learned that the hard, painful way. If you ever happen to come across one of these caterpillars you should avoid them at all costs.

These bugs only pose a threat to humans when they are in their caterpillar form and contact with them should be avoided if possible. However, it's their soft and fuzzy appearance that's highly deceiving and the hair-like spikes draw children to them and encourage kids to reach out and pick them up.

Leslie Howe, a mother of three from Georgia, captured video of the furry caterpillar in action at a local playground she brought her kids to. The older two were off playing while she sat with her infant son, when suddenly she spotted one crawling nearby. Intrigued by the sight of it, she whipped out her cell phone and recorded it so she could look it up later. When she found out that the hairy bug was highly venomous she was shocked, and happy that none of her kids touched it or were hurt.

Make sure that young children know the dangers of them, and if you or someone you know does get stung, seek immediate medical attention. You can also lessen pain by covering the area with tape and then ripping it off. That helps to remove any embedded spines and decreases the pain. Please share this article with others so they know the dangers and can stay safe!


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