These Recreations Of Celebrity Instagram Photos Are Hilarious -->
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

These Recreations Of Celebrity Instagram Photos Are Hilarious

Celeste Barber has been recreating hilarious photos of celebrities on Instagram for the past year, and the results are marvelous!

1. @ladygaga and I progressing nicely at paddle board yoga.

2. #TBT pull your hair. Put on a full length jacket ( if budget allows ) fall in the water.

3. I'm so relaxed you guys. And smart. Totally smart.

4. Waking up feeling sexy.

5. When one straw is NEVER enough @selenagomez.

6. F**k you gravity.

7. Living the dream.

8. Don't you hate it when your doing your nails in and you get a CRAMP!?!?

9. Holding it all together.

10. S P O I L E R A L E R T - I'm on the right.

11. Real love is perfect, flawless, acrobatic, stylised, timed and photogenic.

12. Where the hell is my #uber?

13. Privileged people only travel in style.

14. #bellahadid and I like to drink wine then pretend we are cats.

15. Us Aussies know how to keep it nice. Am I right @rubyrose?

16. 500KšŸŽ‰ you guys make me want to hang my head out a window and scream!


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