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Two Reporters Fired by Fox News for Revealing Health Dangers in Milk

The two reporters came up with was the revelation of milk being adulterated with Bovine Growth Hormone. Monsanto effectively convinced such levels of coordination from Universities, reporters, the general public and the FDA that their product is safe.

FDA wasn't able to look in depth on Monsanto's well-presented products. The government of Canada looked closely into this problem and found out that Monsanto didn't comply with the regulatory standards.

Bovine Growth Hormone could be easily absorbed into the body and be a major cause of many health problems, including cancer. Monsanto planned to conspire with Fox Corporation not to air the news to the public. The manager of Fox News namely Dace instructed Steve and Jane to "lie to the public".

The manager of Fox told them to 'rewrite' the story and change some words to avoid scaring the viewers. Steve and Jane was fired because they refused putting up a news that is false and misleading.

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