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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

1st Grader Told To Not Write Cursive Until 3rd Grade, Mother's Response Is Legendary

Until schools adopt open-minded curriculum to benefit each unique child, the youth of today will continue to suffer. Here's one mother's response to this travesty.

The role of an instructor in earlier times was to educate, inspire, and strengthen a student's resolve to surpass their previously accepted limitations and achieve great success. If the end result is what modern schools claim to strive for, but refuse to offer the same discipline and commitment to a pupil's journey, then it's no wonder students of this millennium find themselves bored, under-stimulated, and more often than not, less than cared for.

Every other aspect of the world is evolving exponentially due to technological advances, so it is only right a student's education and individual needs match as well. Outdated methods of treating every child as one clearly no longer work, and if a ceiling continues to be placed over a student's head, it is inevitable their growth will be stunted and society will digress.

An example of the modern school system doing just that follows, and this mother's written response to her 1st grader's yearning to write cursive is legendary.

It is time new approach be offered to nurture every child's unique abilities and passions so they may flourish as individuals during the school years that serve to help them do just that.

Some alternative schools already exist – like as the Montessori system, but until public schools also accept such open-minded curriculum and schooling, the youth of today will continue to struggle to accept their role as intelligent, limitless individuals who have a lot to contribute to society.


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