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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

22 Newspaper Headlines That Should Never Have Been Published

Writing is not easy; it requires discipline and tenacity. But sometimes you have to wonder why some writers just won't quit. Here are 22 headlines that should have never made it to the paper.

1) You don't say?

2) Well that's surprising.

3) Things with wings have wings.

4) Oh so that's what they are designed to do.

5) That must be one hell of a conference.

6) It's all a matter of perspective.

7) It's not the size guys, it's how you use it.

8) What could this have possibly meant?

9) Well he's got a point there.

10) Talk about beating a dead horse.

11) Never buy lemonade from kids who live in this town.

12) They had no idea what was buried there.

13) It's better than playing with someone else's balls.

14) Now who was handling all the doctor duties beforehand? Lunch ladies?

15) Great plan. Sounds legit.

16) This is terrible news.

17) Leave a trail of hotdogs and alcohol nips for them to follow out of the city?

18) Real deep.

19) Well that's unfortunate.

20) This I don't believe for one second.

21) So alive folks! So alive.

22) I think that's a question for Splinter and some radioactive turtles.


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