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What Happens When You Put A Used Tea Bag On Your Wrist

As we already discussed in a previous post, there are many uses that used tea bags can be put to. The most popular use is beauty related. Many people refrigerate used tea bags and place them on their eyes to reduce redness, puffiness, irritation, and to help decrease dark circles. Cold damp tea bags compressed on sunburns, bruises, bee stings, mosquito bites, and cold sores soothes the area, helps to reduce inflammation, and even promotes healing.

Dry bags can be placed overnight inside of smelly shoes to deodorize and absorb any moisture. Tea's deodorizing aspects also work just as well in the refrigerator. Just a few bags placed inside and you can skip the baking soda for good.

Try throwing a few brewed bags in the sink with dirty dishes and leave them to soak overnight. When you wash them the next day all the tough baked on grease should come off easily. Keep your house bug and rodent free, by strategically placing tea bags in cupboards, the pantry, and corners. Minty teas work best because mice and bugs hate the smell.


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