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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

When This Mother Bought Her Baby A Toy, She Did Not Know What THIS Sickening Symbol On It Means

Nicole O'Kelly had taken her two kids to the Monster Jam show in Syracuse. When her son lovingly wanted to buy his 2-year-old baby sister a present he spotted, Nicole was touched. He spotted a plush pink monster truck, which she thought was a cool idea for little girls attending the show. She bought the toy for her son to give to his sister, but it wasn't until they got home that she had the sense that something was off about the pink truck.

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In the video that you are about to watch below, she speaks to WHEC about what happened. She discovered through her older daughter, a big fan of the show “Law and Order: SVU”, that the double heart embedded on the truck had a sick and disturbing hidden meaning.

Her daughter insisted that she had seen an episode about sexual predators, and that the double heart emblem was a “Girl Lover” logo, that signaled that the pedophile liked to abuse little girls. She tracked down the episode, and felt horrified and infuriated. She had inadvertently bought her little girl a toy that had an insignia that was a secret code for online predators.

“Immediately, I went into mama bear mode”, O'Kelly said. You will hear how her determined efforts stopped the selling of these trucks, and her desire to go further in getting to the bottom of who was behind this heinous act. She felt it was important to make other parents aware of this symbol as well as the ones below that indicate other sick proclivities of child predators.

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