These Recreations Of Celebrity Instagram Photos Are Hilarious

Celeste Barber has been recreating hilarious photos of celebrities on Instagram for the past year, and the results are marvelous!

1. @ladygaga and I progressing nicely at paddle board yoga.

2. #TBT pull your hair. Put on a full length jacket ( if budget allows ) fall in the water.

3. I'm so relaxed you guys. And smart. Totally smart.

4. Waking up feeling sexy.

5. When one straw is NEVER enough @selenagomez.

6. F**k you gravity.

7. Living the dream.

8. Don't you hate it when your doing your nails in and you get a CRAMP!?!?

9. Holding it all together.

10. S P O I L E R A L E R T - I'm on the right.

11. Real love is perfect, flawless, acrobatic, stylised, timed and photogenic.

12. Where the hell is my #uber?

13. Privileged people only travel in style.

14. #bellahadid and I like to drink wine then pretend we are cats.

15. Us Aussies know how to keep it nice. Am I right @rubyrose?

16. 500KšŸŽ‰ you guys make me want to hang my head out a window and scream!

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