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Video: Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks

Dr. Leonard Coldwell claims that any type of cancer can be cured in just 2 to 6 weeks. The video at the end of this article is very important to watch. Dr. Leonard Coldwell has cured more than thirty-five thousand patients. As it turns out, his website was blocked by the federal government, because of its enormous success in cancer treatment!

Have You Ever Heard Of Dr. Leonard Coldwell?

“My mother died of cancer just as I was finishing high school. That experience completely changed my life around. I got to know about it accidentally. Since that day, I had to literally watch my mother draw closer and closer to her death. Quite frankly, the experience is not one I am willing to talk about.

But I can tell you this – it was very painful. I also know many of you out there have lost someone from cancer – a friend, a family member, a child, a parent – the list just goes on and on. Cancer can attack anyone – you never know when you will be the next victim.”

“With no chemotherapy, no contact with the radiation obviously cancer can be cured in most patients. I know that I can heal a patient in a few weeks maybe in some months. But because of the people who profit from cancer patients and the law legally I am not allowed to tell anyone what to do or what not to.”

The current situation as Dr. Coldwell underlines it:

“They make legislators legislate laws that will kill us, or at the very least make them fall sick and the laws that are supposed to ‘protect’ us do not permit the right treatment of the disease. They make you sick as ever and finally you are drawn to your death because of the poisonous, hazardous and harsh treatment. Our experience shows that any cancer can be treated in 2-16 weeks; there are types of cancer that can be treated in minutes.

Any doctor in the world, with at least 20 years practice, has witnessed the cases of spontaneous healing – there is even a book about this: Spontaneous healing. Since this is possible, it is just a manner of finding a way to achieve this. Very often religious people go to some place for healing, but the place itself does not heal, the hope and the positive attitude do the healing.

First, we need to deal with the acidity and toxicities. A body should be filled with oxygen that is the reason why when we consume vegetables, i.e. chlorophyll, the body is reach in oxygen, has enough calcium, and by proper diet with food supplements that contain microelements we alkalize the body. As soon as the body alkalizes, the progress of cancer stops.

The body must achieve healing pH level. pH level varies from 0 to 14. Seventh level is the neutral, and the body should become alkaline on that level. Level 7.36 is good, but during the treatment the body should reach рН 7.5 and even higher.

Doctor Martin, my good friend from Germany, offers multi step oxygen therapy – he takes out blood, enriches it with ionized oxygen and re-injects it in the body, 12 times; the resulting effect is that the body gets completely fresh blood – as blood of a newborn baby; this way hypoxia gets eliminated; when blood is taken out from the body it is almost black in color, but when is re-injected is almost pink, it is like natural doping; when a man gets it in the body, he fills with energy and life force.

Injection of vitamin C, that I and my European colleagues practice, is in fact our knowledge of “intravenous” injection of vitamin C, 100 cc per day, three times a week, and in some cases we injected even more frequently. But very often, believe it or not, the cancer or tumor practically disappears in few days, since vitamin C is very effective; it is one of the miracle cures.

Vitamin E mostly helps with problems related to the blood pressure – it is treated very fast and easy in any form or type, therefore a research with artificial vitamin E, chemically produced, was conducted and it was concluded that it is absolutely ineffective – chemicals are ineffective, just harmful; nature is the thing that really works – the diseases occur in the nature – and the nature gives the solutions of the problems – as simple as that.

If something didn't exist 100 years ago, there is no need for it to exist today. If we want to cure cancer, we must immediately start with consumption of vegetarian and raw food. My friend, who is a chef, wrote a book for preparation of raw food, it costs only few dollars, and on his web site you will find videos how to prepare the meals.

I would like to stress that together with the raw food, you should drink 4 liters of water (except in cases when patient suffers from rare kidney disease), with ½ teaspoon sea salt – salt is needed for all functions in the body, for the necessary electrical impulses, and it happens only with sufficient quantity of salt in the body. Salt deficiency creates problem with the blood system. Some say that you should not consume lot of salt in case of high blood pressure – that is how we were taught – but the opposite is correct.

The problem is the table salt – very often it contains one third glass, one third sand and one third salt. The glass and the sand irritate the arteries that start bleeding. Therefore, cholesterol builds up on the arteries in order to stop the bleeding, so you don’t die from internal bleeding.

That is the reason why they say that the cholesterol causes high blood pressure and it is the reason for the narrowing of the arteries. This is a complete absurd, since we cannot die from excess of cholesterol, but from cholesterol deficiency. Some people have cholesterol 60 and yet are completely healthy and never had a disease in their life.

How doctors treat burns – they give them 20-25 cooked eggs since they know that only cholesterol can produce new healthy cell very fast; approximately 87 percent of our body cells are built from the cholesterol; in case of low level of cholesterol our body cannot produce new cells.

They say bad and good cholesterol – “HDL” and “LDL”; this is not cholesterol – proteins are carriers of cholesterol – we start to understand the words of Dr. Gary Neal and others, who say that according to the statistics the doctors have the shortest life span – they live 56 years, they suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse, as well as has the highest rate of suicides – it is higher only with psychiatrist – and yet we go to ask them how to live longer, happier and healthier life. I believe that you should change your opinion.”

Foods high in vitamin C: chili peppers, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, pineapple, kiwi, orange, lemon.

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine

References: Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joseph Mercola


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