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Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

The Reason Why You Should Never Eat Baby Carrots Again

Baby carrots may be ultra convenient and fun to snack on, however these bright perky never-seem-to-dull orange baby carrots are not what they seem. Did you know that prior to the late 1980's they were completely unheard of? Well, that's because they had yet to be invented.

When baby carrots were first popularized in the 1980's, they originated from larger carrots that were cut and reshaped in much smaller batches. Today, millions of pounds of rejected carrots are processed every week in an entirely automated process, meant to be cost-effective and fast to keep them cheap as can be.

Carrots are fed into a machine, their protective skin is removed, then they are cut and re-shaped before being soaked in a chlorine bath. Even organic baby carrots are soaked in chlorine, because the baby cut pieces contain a lot of germs and bacteria on them after going through the machinery. The accompanying video goes over this industry practice and how much waste it incurs, as well as the emerging drive to re-direct “ugly” food to those who need it most.

The safest, smartest, and healthiest choice you can make for both yourself and your family, is to buy whole, unprocessed and organic carrots and whittle them down on their own, to stay safe from chlorine. Regular carrots are often cheaper, they last longer and won't turn white, and most importantly they don't need to be treated with chlorine because they never get processed through a machine.


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