A musician is playing on a public piano. This man walks up and blows everyone away. -->
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

A musician is playing on a public piano. This man walks up and blows everyone away.

When this man started playing a public piano, he thought he would entertain the crowd of strangers and make a few people smile. Clueless that a talented stranger was watching from the sidelines, he kept going as his friend recorded him playing.

This Video Has Already Been Watched By 23 Million People Since It Was Shared On Facebook

Then a young man wearing a white t-shirt and jeans stepped up behind the other young male player. He looked down at the pianist's fingers with fondness and watched him continue his song. But he was more than just observing. He had an agenda. He wanted to join the guy and play to the crowd at the station. And the result, which was all caught on camera, inspired not just those in the crowd, but millions across the internet...

After the station announcement, the man in the white t-shirt gets a bit closer to the other piano player. Then at the 1:05-mark, he reaches forward. He starts playing high notes that complement the other man's performance. Although these men are strangers, the music they create sounds as if they are brothers. The announcement finishes at the 1:45-mark and the two young men continue playing like professionals. Now everyone nearby is watching them create music in the station. They are smiling and enjoying the music.

Since this clip was uploaded in 2015, nearly 23 million people have watched these young men play the piano in the station. It's an inspiring moment when two strangers connect through music – even though they don't necessarily speak the same language. Watch as they switch positions and seamlessly alternate the bass and treble sounds on the piano. With their positions on the keyboard, they create music that one would only expect from a duo that takes the stage together.

Here are a few thoughts from the audience of this clip:

“Amazing how you can be anywhere in the world and everybody can understand music... truely universal!”

“Tow defferents country tow deafferents religions, The man sitting , is Gerard Pla Daro from Spain a Christian. The man stand up is Algerian Nassim Zaouche a Muslim. First song is: una Mittina from French movie, “Untouchables”. Second song which morphed into first song, is from movie, “Braveheart”.

“Video teaches us: You carry on whatever you are doing, and GOD will join you to make the thing even more amazingly beautiful!!!!!”

“I'm crying. It's fine. I'm in love with their duo...”

“They didn't know each other... one of them from Spain and the other from Algeria but here we are... it's just the music... peace... love... life is easy and good if we forget to talk about the unnecessary things like country / traditional / colour / religions etc...”

Despite coming from different countries and religions, these men were able to connect through music. They shared a conversation through sound that transcends religions and languages. These men prove the peace can be found when we take time to get to know someone although we share different views, perspectives, or beliefs on the world.


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