Duck Cheers Up Depressed And Heartbroken Dog Whose Best Friend Died -->
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Duck Cheers Up Depressed And Heartbroken Dog Whose Best Friend Died

For twelve blissful years of his life George the dog lived happily alongside his best friend in the whole entire world, a black lab named Blackie. The pair did everything together and were inseparable up until the day that Blackie sadly passed away. George took the loss of his best friend extremely hard and fell into a deep, dark depression that almost took his life. His health suffered terribly as he had no appetite and oftentimes refused to eat anything.

Duck Cheers Up Depressed And Heartbroken Dog Whose Best Friend Died

It wasn't just emotional and physical pain that he was going through, it was mental as well. According to his owner, Jacquie Litton, the poor dog experienced crippling anxiety and would chew and bite at his skin. Seeing him feel so terrible and hopeless was heartbreaking for her to watch but no matter what she tried, nothing seemed to help or cheer him up.

Day after day he walked around in a sad fog crying and whimpering, it was like he'd given up on life. Then one day, almost two years to the day of Blackie's passing, a very warm and friendly white duck suddenly appeared by George's side. It arrived unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere, George had been laying on the back porch and when Jacquie looked out the window to check on him she found the duck sitting right beside him.

It was immediately apparent that there was something ultra special about this new visitor. George had never taken kindly to any strangers and often shied away from newcomers, but he allowed the duck, whom the Litton family named Donald, to do basically whatever it wanted.

These days Donald follows George everywhere and sleeps on his bed. He even snuggles up close to George, resting his tiny little head on his dog friend's hind leg while the pair snooze. They're the cutest, most adorable ‘animal odd couple’ and as they've grown to love one another, they have become inseparable.

Jacquie has taken this new, unexpected friendship in stride and welcomed Donald into her house and home. The only hiccup is having to learn how to deal with duck droppings and accommodating their new bird friend. But all of that is nothing compared to the change that the sweet little duck has inspired in George, that's what makes it all worth it. These days the dog is a whole lot happier and the arrival of Donald has clearly lifted his spirits. Check out this awesome story and please pass it along to brighten and cheer up the day that other people are having!


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