This Is What Happens To Lungs After Smoking 60 Cigarettes – MUST SEE VIDEO -->
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This Is What Happens To Lungs After Smoking 60 Cigarettes – MUST SEE VIDEO

Being told that smoking being bad for us is hardly new news. But a recent experiment visually demonstrates the scale of the damage that smokers could be inflicting on their lungs.

Ryan Au is a teacher at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School in Hong Kong. He recently decided to show his pupils the potential damage they would inflict on their lungs if they became smokers. He placed a previously healthy pig's lung in a sealed perspex box, and hooked it up to a pump which enabled the tissue to artificially take in and then expel air. He then added a regular cigarette and lit it, allowing the smoke to enter the lungs. The video shows that this was repeated with 60 cigarettes before comparing the lung tissue with lungs from another pig.

Shockingly, after such a short albeit intensive exposure to the chemical cocktail in the cigarettes, the results were stark. The tracheal tube was heavily encrusted already with black tar and nicotine residues. And the actual lung tissue itself was showing marked discoloration.

People will criticize this as being an irrelevant experiment as the lung was no longer a living organ in this experiment, so therefore it lacks any capacity to clean or repair itself even by the tiniest amount. Also each cigarette was ‘smoked’ in one drag, and I reckon even the hardiest of smokers cannot do that, nor would 60 cigarettes be smoked one after the other in a non stop smoking relay.

However it could well represent a more intense version of what toxic damage smokers are doing to their lung health. When you consider the average smoker in the U.S. smokes 19 cigarettes a day – almost 7 packs a week – it doesn't take a math genius to work out that damage will begin fairly soon after your first pack.

Watch the video and see how it makes YOU feel...

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