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Once You Learn These 20 Google Tricks, The Internet Will Never Be The Same Again

Even if you work online, it's doubtful you know everything there is to know about the Internet... or even just one search engine. The majority of Internet users visit Google.com every day, but they probably don't know all of the amazing things they can do with it (even I didn't know half of these).

Google isn't just for hypochondriacs looking up their symptoms or for trying to find a cool new restaurant. By just entering a few simple search terms, you can use Google to help plan and organize your life. It is amazing.

1) Google will also help you calculate your tips.

2) You can find out what date any holiday falls on.

3) Google will also find movie release dates for you.

4) You can find full schedules for your favorite television shows.

5) Google will also find the songs of your favorite bands.

6) You can use the search engine to find what books your favorite authors wrote.

7) It'll look up flight information for you.

8) Do you know what time the sun rises? It'll tell you.

9) It'll also give you information on your company.

10) If you want, you can make it tip over.

11) Or just tilt a little.

12) If you search for "recursion," you'll get stuck in a search loop.

13) Also, if you include anagram in your searches, Google will make anagrams for you.

14) Even if you're just trying to define anagram.

15) If you search for "Festivus," you'll see the traditional aluminum pole.

16) Searching for "binary" or "hexadecimal" gives you nerdy results.

17) Searching for "Zerg Rush" will start a game you can play in your browser.

18) Google can also show you the meaning and history behind words.

19) Trying to decide between your favorite foods? Google will help.

20) If you type "Google 1998" in your address bar, you'll be taken to the retro version of Google from the good ole days.

Knowing is half of the battle. Now when you're trying to plan your weekend, you'll be able to look up new restaurants... but also check for holidays, see if your friends' flights are on time, and make sure you won't miss a new episode of your favorite television show.

Google is basically your butler.

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